Server Admin

This package contains functions for administering a local Neo4J server.

Start, stop, restart or check the status of a local Neo4J server

neo4J_start(), neo4j_stop(), neo4j_restart() and neo4j_status() perform a stop, start, restart or reports the current status of a local Neo4J instance. These functions take a single argument neo4j_path which should be a path to the local neo4j executable. Use path.expand() where necessary.


neo_path <- path.expand("~/neo4j-community-4.0.4/bin/neo4j")

All these functions output system messages.

Wipe a specified graph from a local Neo4J server

neo4j_wipe() completely removes a graph from the local Neo4J server. It takes two arguments:

graphfile <- "graph.db"
my_data_path <- path.expand("~/neo4j-community-4.0.4/data")
neo4j_wipe(graphfile, my_data_path)

This function will output a success or an error message.

Note for Windows users

Paths to executable files that are provided as arguments to functions may need to be provided with appropriate extensions (eg neo4j.bat).