This package will allow easier maintainence of CRAN-like repos on local networks (i.e. not on CRAN). This might be necessary where hosted packages contain intellectual property owned by a corporation that cannot be hosted publicly.





  1. Set up a directory on your network. This will be your base directory.

  2. Create a subdirectory with the name submissions. This is where package files should be put before being released to your local repo.

  3. Add the managelocalrepo.submission and managelocalrepo.base options to your .First() file in your .Rprofile. For example, your .Rprofile might look something like this:

    .First <- function () 
          repos = c(CORPREPO = "file:////server/file/path/to/your/dir"),
          managelocalrepo.submissions = '/path/to/your/dir/submissions',
          managelocalrepo.base = '/path/to/your/dir')

The repos option will make sure you can install from the corporate repo. The other two options will help point managelocalrepo to where it might find the package file (e.g. zip, tgz file) when you use quick_release_package().

Then you can build package file (e.g., have them copied to the submissions folder and then run quick_release_package('').


I’ve tested this on Windows and OSX. But hopefully it should work on other platforms.