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A graphics device for R that is accessible via network protocols. This package was created to make it easier to embed live R graphics in integrated development environments and other applications. The included HTML/JavaScript client (plot viewer) aims to provide a better overall user experience when dealing with R graphics. The device asynchronously serves graphics via HTTP and WebSockets.




Install httpgd from CRAN:


Or get the latest development version from GitHub:


See system requirements for troubleshooting.


Contributions welcome!

The various components of httpgd are written in C++, R and TypeScript. We welcome contributions of any kind.

Other areas in need of improvement are testing and documentation.

About & License

Depends on cpp11.

Webserver based on CrowCpp/Crow.

This project is licensed GPL v2.0.

The HTML client includes Material Design icons by Google which are licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0.

Full copies of the license agreements used by these components are included in ./inst/licenses.