Fresh themes


{fresh} allow to create custom themes to use in {shiny} applications, currently you can create themes to use with:

Create a theme

Use function create_theme to create a new theme, this function accept variables to set specific parameters of the theme. There’s 3 type of variables depending on which framework you use:

When using bs_vars_*, you can specify theme argument to use a Bootswatch template.

  theme = "default",
    default_color = "#FFF",
    default_bg = "#112446",
    default_border = "#112446",
    border_radius_base = "15px"
    bg = "#FFF",
    border = "#112446"

Here we modify shiny::actionButton appearance with bs_vars_button and appearance of shiny::sidebarPanel with bs_vars_wells.

Result looks like :

Use a theme

There’s two way to use a newly created theme :

  1. inline in the UI (useful to quickly visualize your theme)
  2. using a CSS file (recommended)


Don’t specify an output file and use result of create_theme() in use_theme() directly in your application :


When you create a theme, you can specify an output file :

Put the file my-custom-theme.css in the www/ folder of your application, and reference it like that in your UI’s fluidPage or navbarPage :

In {shinydashboard} or {bs4Dash}, you can use use_theme() with a path inside dashboardBody or bs4DashBody :

Note that the path must be in the www/ folder of your application.