fredr 2.1.0

fredr 2.0.0

fredr 1.0.0

Initial release for CRAN. All endpoint functions for the FRED API are now implemented as functions in fredr.

Breaking changes

New functions

Categories (#21)

Releases (#22)

Series (#23)

Sources (#24)

Tags (#25)

Other new features

fredr 0.3.0

Breaking changes

fredr 0.2.0

Breaking changes

Function names conform to fredr_* - api_docs is now fredr_docs - set_api_key is now fredr_key

fredr 0.1.0

Initial release

fredr combines tools like dplyr and httr to provide a flexible but powerful wrapper for the FRED API. - Convenience functions fredr_search() and fredr_series() for most commonly used FRED API features. - Execute more general queries using the backbone function fredr() - Bring up web documentation from the R environment with api_docs()