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eatATA provides a small R interface to mathematical optimization solvers specialized on solving simple automated test assembly problems (ATA). Internally, sparse matrices are used via the Matrix package. Currently supported solvers are GLPK, lpSolve, Symphony, and Gurobi. See below for a list of implemented features and feature to come.


# Install eatATA from CRAN via

# Install development version from GitHub via
remotes::install_github("beckerbenj/eatATA", build_vignettes = TRUE, dependencies = TRUE)


An extensive tutorial paper including a variety of use cases has been published here: Additionally, a set of vignettes describing the current functionality can be found on CRAN.

Implemented Features

eatATA is suitable for the automated test assembly of fixed linear test forms or multi-stage testing modules. For example, the following types of constraints can be set via eatATA:


Features that might be implemented in the future:

If you wish to contribute to the package, please send an email to