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NOTE: to all familiar users, the “txt” parameter has been replaced in loadcsv_multi and fread_folder for the more suitable “extension” parameter, which now allows for a “BOTH” argument in either upper or lower case.

news for Mac OSX and Linux users:

*there is now a choose_dir function available for you, similar to choose.dir on windows. for more details check the help page for the function or the documentation page for choose.dir.

why should use easycsv?

because reading multiple csv files is a hassle, and you want an easy to use function to read all of them, either from a central folder, a remote website or a handy zip file.

how do you use easycsv?

well its easy, if all your csv files are inside a folder, just use loadcsv_multi(my_folder) or loadcsv_multi(my_folder, extension = "BOTH") if you have comma separated text files. the same easy and simple use is available for .zip files (loadcsvfromZIP(my_zip_file)), and .zip files on a remote url (loadZIPcsvfromURL(my_remote_zip_file)).
#### faster version of loadcsv_multi now available, fread_folder which is based on data.table’s fread function

how do you install easycsv?

easycsv is now on CRAN and can be installed like any other library with this code:


for the most updated versions developer version, it is still recommended to download from github since i add and improve functions whenever i can, but i don’t allways have time to update documentation to cran standards.

The the developer version can be downloaded with the following code:

if ("devtools" %in% rownames(installed.packages()) == FALSE) {

and load it with library(easycsv) like any other library.