Estimating the number of birds or bats killed at a wind power facility involves adjusting observed carcass counts to account for imperfect detection. To account for carcasses that lie outside the searched area, the count is adjusted by dividing by the estimated proportion of carcasses lying within the searched area or the density-weighted proportion (dwp). The dwp package provides tools for estimating dwp for use in mortality estimators such as GenEst (Dalthorp et al.  2018) and Evidence of Absense (Dalthorp et al. 2017).


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v1.1 Method for estimating the area searched in each ring has been updated. The new method does not rely on gpclib::area.poly, which is no longer available on CRAN. It estimates the area searched in each ring by averaging the arc lengths of the intersections of the inner and outer ring boundaris with the search polygon.

Further Reading

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