dominanceanalysis 2.1.0

dominanceanalysis 2.0.0

Important API Change:

Minor Updates: - Minor modification in dominanceMatrix. - Added complete_flipped_axis parameter for the plot() function. Included examples of flipped axis for plots. - Tests for bootstrap analysis (betareg, lmm, glm). - Added Nakagawa’s indexes for linear mixed models. Refer to README for examples. - In the beta regression test, we check that using different estimators generates different results.

Bug Fixes: - On R-devel, corrected the number of controls provided for the esoph dataset, fixing a test based on that example. - Replaced sort.matrix with .sort.matrix to prevent sorting a standard matrix when devtools are used. - Fixed documentation error in plot.dominanceAnalysis: the default plot is for general dominance, not for complete dominance.

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