Municipal Agricultural Production (PAM, in Portuguese) is a nationwide annual survey conducted by IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) which provides information on agricultural products, such as quantity produced, area planted and harvested, average quantity of output and monetary value of such output. The products are divided in permanent and temporary farmed land, as well as dedicated surveys to the four products that yield multiple harvests a year (beans, potato, peanut and corn), which all sum to a total survey of 64 agricultural products (31 of temporary tillage and 33 of permanent tillage). Output, however, is only included in the dataset if the planted area occupies over 1 acre or if output exceeds one tonne.

Permanent farming is characterized by a cycle of long duration, whose harvests may be done multiple times across the years without the need of planting seeds again. Temporary farming, on the other hand, consists of cycles of short and medium duration, which after harvesting require planting seeds again.

The data also has multiple aggregation levels, such as nationwide, by region, mesoregion and microregion, as well as state and municipality.

The data available has a yearly frequency and is available from 1974 to the present, with the exception of the four multiple-harvest products, which are only available from 2003. More information can be found on this link (only in Portuguese).


  1. dataset: See tables below

  2. raw_data: there are two options:

  3. geo_level: "country", "region", "state", or "municipality"

  4. time_period: picks the years for which the data will be downloaded

  5. language: you can choose between Portuguese ("pt") and English ("eng")

The datasets supported are shown in the tables below, made up of both the original databases and their narrower subsets. Note that downloading only specific crops is considerably faster.

Full datasets provided by IBGE:
Datasets generated from Temporary Crops:
dataset Name (pt) Name (eng)
pineapple Abacaxi Pineapple
alfafa Alfafa Fenada Alfafa Fenada
cotton_herbaceous Algodao Herbaceo (em Caroco) Herbaceous Cotton (in Caroco)
garlic Alho Garlic
peanut_temporary Amendoim (em Casca) Peanuts (in Shell)
rice Arroz (em Casca) Rice (in husk)
oats Aveia (em Grao) Oats (in grain)
sweet_potato Batata Doce Sweet potato
potato_temporary Batata Inglesa English potato
sugar_cane Cana de Acucar Sugar cane
forage_cane Cana para Forragem Forage cane
onion Cebola Onion
rye Centeio (em Grao) Rye (in grain)
barley Cevada (em Grao) Barley (in Grain)
pea Ervilha (em Grao) Pea (in Grain)
broad_bean Fava (em Grao) Broad Bean (in Grain)
beans_temporary Feijao (em Grao) Beans (in Grain)
tobacco Fumo (em Folha) Smoke (in Sheet)
sunflower_seeds Girassol (em Grao) Sunflower (in Grain)
jute_fiber Juta (Fibra) Jute (Fiber)
linen_seeds Linho (Semente) Linen (Seed)
malva_fiber Malva (Fibra) Malva (Fiber)
castor_bean Mamona (Baga) Castor bean (Berry)
cassava Mandioca Cassava
watermelon Melancia watermelon
melon Melao Melon
corn_temporary Milho (em Grao) corn (in grain)
ramie_fiber Rami (Fibra) Ramie (Fiber)
soybean Soja (em Grao) Soybean (in grain)
sorghum Sorgo (em Grao) Sorghum (in Grain)
tomato Tomate Tomato
wheat Trigo (em Grao) Wheat in grain)
triticale Triticale (em Grao) Triticale (in grain)
temporary_total Total Total
Datasets generated from Permanent Crops:
dataset Name (pt) Name (eng)
avocado Abacate Avocado
cotton_arboreo Algodao Arboreo (em Caroco) Arboreo cotton (in Caroco)
acai Acai Acai
olive Azeitona Olive
banana Banana (Cacho) Banana (Bunch)
rubber_coagulated_latex Borracha (Latex Coagulado) Rubber (Coagulated Latex)
rubber_liquid_latex Borracha (Latex Liquido) Rubber (Liquid Latex)
cocoa_beans Cacau (em Amendoa) Cocoa (in Almonds)
coffee_total Cafe (em Grao) Total Coffee (in Grain) Total
coffee_arabica Cafe (em Grao) Arabica Cafe (in Grao) Arabica
coffee_canephora Cafe (em Grao) Canephora Cafe (in Grain) Canephora
cashew Caju Cashew
khaki Caqui Khaki
cashew_nut Castanha de Caju Cashew Nuts
india_tea Cha da India (Folha Verde) India Tea (Leaf)
coconut Coco da Baia Coconut
coconut_bunch Dende (Cacho de Coco) Coconut Bunch
yerba_mate Erva Mate (Folha Verde) Mate Herb (Leaf)
fig Figo Fig
guava Goiaba Guava
guarana_seeds Guarana (Semente) Guarana (Seed)
orange Laranja Orange
lemon Limao Lemon
apple Maca Apple
papaya Mamao Papaya
mango Manga Mango
passion_fruit Maracuja Passion fruit
quince Marmelo Quince
walnut Noz (Fruto Seco) Walnut (Dry Fruit)
heart_of_palm Palmito Palm heart
pear Pera Pear
peach Pessego Peach
black_pepper Pimenta do Reino Black pepper
sisal_or_agave Sisal ou Agave (Fibra) Sisal or Agave (Fiber)
tangerine Tangerina Tangerine
tung Tungue (Fruto Seco) Tung (Dry Fruit)
annatto_seeds Urucum (Semente) Annatto (Seed)
grape Uva Grape
permanent_total Total Total


# download treated data at the state level from 2010 to 2011 for all crops
data <- load_pam(
  dataset = "all_crops",
  raw_data = FALSE,
  geo_level = "state",
  time_period = 2010:2011,
  language = "eng"