Kickstart V1.3 splash screen

Read and mutate virtual Commodore Amiga Disks, stored as files (a.k.a Amiga Disk Files).


Get CRAN version


Get development version from R-Universe

install.packages("adfExplorer", repos = c("", ""))


The package comes with an example disk for which files and directories can be listed:


#> [1] "Devs" "S"    "this" "mods"

You can also pull files from the virtual disk:

## get startup-sequence file and store as a vector of raw data
startup <- get.adf.file(adf.example, "DF0:s/startup-sequence")

## As this particular file is UTF8 text we can convert it from raw:
startup  |> rawToChar() |> iconv(from = "ISO-8859-1", to = "UTF-8") |> cat()
#> ; The Startup-Sequence is executed after booting
#> ; Everything after semicolons are comments and is ignored
#> ; By default standard commands are loaded from
#> ; the ROM kickstart. Additional commands should be
#> ; stored on the disk in the SYS:C directory.
#> ; For demonstration purposes we only echo some
#> ; text to the screen... Note that this will not
#> ; work on Amiga OS <2.0 as "Echo" is not available
#> ; in older ROM kickstart versions.
#> Echo "cADF Explorer Example Disk" ; Note that the weird characters at the start are escape-codes to format the text
#> Echo "This disk was created as an example for the"
#> Echo "R package 'adfExplorer' by Pepijn de Vries."

For more in depth examples see vignette("amigaDiskFiles").

Developmental status

It has been years since the initial release of this package. Since its release a lot has changed in R and in my skill set. I still have plans for this package, but this requires drastic changes. Therefore, I will only apply minimal maintenance to this package. Meanwhile I will work on a complete overhaul which will be released in due time as a new package. This new package will:

But until then, please enjoy the current package as is.