Colourblind Friendly Palettes

Install from CRAN using:


Or install the development version using:


Then load into R:


To return a data frame of which colour palettes are colourblind friendly, use:


Note that the colorblind_friendly() is the same function.

To view the palettes that are colourblind friendly, set the colourblind_friendly argument in view_all_palettes() to TRUE. To view all colourblind friendly palettes:

view_all_palettes(colourblind_friendly = TRUE)

This can be combined with a palette type. For example, to view all diverging colour palettes that are colourblind friendly:

view_all_palettes(type = "div", colourblind_friendly = TRUE)

Colourblind friendliness was checked using the {colorblindcheck} R package.