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‘PlotTools’ is an R package that allows the legends for continuous variables to be added to plots using the familiar functions of the default ‘graphics’ package. It also includes utility functions to manipulate irregular polygons and locate their centres.

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# Select a colour palette
palette <- if (packageVersion("grDevices") > 3.6) hcl.colors else heat.colors

# Plot some example data
  xlab = "Speed / mph",
  ylab = "Stopping distance / ft",
  col = palette(125 + 1)[cars$dist + 1], # Colour points by distance
  cex = cars$speed / 10,                 # Size points by speed
  pch = 16,                              # Use filled circle for points
  frame.plot = FALSE

# Display legend for colour scale
  "topleft",                             # Legend position
  palette = palette,                     # Display our chosen palette
  legend = seq(125, 0, length.out = 6),  # Annotate positions on legend
  title = "Distance",
  bty = "n"                              # Don't frame with box

# Display legend for plotting symbol sizes
  "bottomright",                         # Legend position
  palette = "darkgrey",                  # Set colour - may be continuous
  horiz = TRUE,                          # Orient horizontally
  width = c(0, 2.5), scale = "pch",      # Scale for plotting character
  legend = seq(0, 25, by = 5),           # Annotate positions on legend
  x.intersp = 0,                         # Set x spacing
  bty = "n",                             # Don't frame with box
  inset = 0.05,                          # Inset from plot edges
  title = "Speed"


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Smith, Martin R. (2023). PlotTools: Add continuous legends to plots. Comprehensive R Archive Network, doi:10.5281/zenodo.7803390.


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