PSAgraphics: An R Package to Support Propensity Score Analysis

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Contact: Jason Bryer, Ph.D.

A collection of functions that primarily produce graphics to aid in a Propensity Score Analysis (PSA). Functions include: cat.psa and box.psa to test balance within strata of categorical and quantitative covariates, circ.psa for a representation of the estimated effect size by stratum, loess.psa that provides a graphic and Loess based effect size estimate, and various balance functions that provide measures of the balance achieved via a PSA in a categorical covariate.

For more information, see and cite:

Helmreich, J. E., & Pruzek, R. M. (2009). PSAgraphics: An R Package to Support Propensity Score Analysis. Journal of Statistical Software, 29(6), 1–23.


You can install the development version of PSAgraphics like so:


or to download the latest development version: