Familias 2.6.1

Familias has existed since 2000 as a Windows program and can be downloaded from https://familias.no. The program calculates likelihoods and probabilities used to infer family relationships based on autosomal marker data. The core code of the Windows program programmed in C++ has been available since 2012 in R. The mentioned website also contains references describing the implementation and validation.

No further development of this package is planned. For forensic pedigree analyses and visualisations we rather recommend the pedsuite packages, see https://magnusdv.github.io/pedsuite/. In particular, the package pedFamilias facilitates conversion of .fam files into the pedsuite format.


Install from GitHub by as follows:

 # First install devtools if needed
if(!require(devtools)) install.packages("devtools")

# Install Familias from GitHub