COINr 1.1.14

COINr 1.1.12

COINr 1.1.11

COINr 1.1.9

COINr 1.1.8

COINr 1.1.7

I have skipped a number of version number iterations. Here’s what’s changed since last time:


Dev version of COINr until next CRAN submission!

COINr 1.1.2

Lots of small fixes and feature extensions, including

COINr 1.1

Some new functions and bug fixes:

COINr 1.0.0

Major update to COINr. The main changes are as follows:

The full changes are too extensive to write here. See vignette("v1") also available online here for a more complete description of changes.

Note that these changes are disruptive but greatly improve the package and make it more maintainable for the future. This is a one-off major overhaul, after which backwards compatibility will be ensured.

COINr 0.6.2

COINr 0.6.1

COINr 0.6.0

COINr 0.5.5

COINr 0.5.4

COINr 0.5.3

Fixes following comments from CRAN.

COINr 0.5.2

This is the first release submitted to CRAN. Changes include: